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SoTL Funding Opportunities @ ISU

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The Office of the Cross Endowed Chair in SoTL at ISU is offering opportunities to secure funding via two different grant programs over the next weeks and months. Each of the funding mechanisms is described below:

SoTL Small Grants: This program provides scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) small grants to study the developmental and learning outcomes of ISU students. Research proposed may be quantitative or qualitative in nature and focus on class, course, program, department, cross-department, and co-curricular levels. All SoTL work must be made public and peer reviewed in some way via presentation, performance, juried show, web site, video, and/or publication. For 2016-2017, projects must focus on a teaching-learning issue(s) explicitly related to out-of-class learning opportunities experienced by ISU students. This would include, but is not limited to study abroad, civic engagement experiences, service learning, involvement in co- or extra-curricular activities, and so on. Grants of up to $5,000 are available. Funds may be used for any appropriate budget category (e.g., printing, commodities, contractual, travel, student help, and salary in FY17). We expect to award 4-5 grants. All awards, however, are subject to the availability of funds and to the actual offering of any course, study abroad program or other event needed to conduct the SoTL research. Additional information related to this opportunity can be found here.

SoTL Research Mini-AwardsThe Office of the Cross Endowed Chair is calling for applications for SoTL Research Mini-Awards for June of 2016. The purpose of these awards is to provide a small amount of funding to support work on SoTL projects (fitting the definition above) that are currently in progress (e.g., design stage, IRB stage, gathering or analyzing SoTL data, working on a creative or scholarly representation of the SoTL study/results, travel to present SoTL). Funding is limited but we expect to fund about 4-5 awards in the amount of $700 per project. Applicants must make a convincing case that a SoTL project about ISU students is on-going and that the award will be used for work/activities (at least some of which will take place in June, 2016) to further the project’s progress, completion, application, or visibility. Funding is in the form of an additional pay (salary) in June which recipients can then use for work on the project and as described in the application. More information on these awards can be found here.

As always, check the Cross Chair’s website for upcoming SoTL opportunities.


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