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TLI Update and Resources for Successful Publication of SoTL Work

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The following is from the co-editors of Teaching & Learning Inquiry, Nancy Chick and Gary Poole:

Teaching & Learning Inquiry (TLI)—the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL)—is now available online and open access at

On January 1, all issues of TLI went online under a CC-BY license, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of its materials as long as the original work is properly attributed. From now on, TLI will provide free, instant, and permanent access to all materials it publishes and has published to date.

This move makes the research and ideas published in the journal more readily available to an ever-expanding SoTL community, facilitating increased sharing, readership, and citation of TLI‘s authors. At the same time, TLI will continue to provide thorough and rigorous reviews, as well as careful editorial attention to submissions.

Visit to read all articles, submit manuscripts, and sign up for alerts of new content. Questions may be sent to

Looking back, we have published several resources to support the dissemination of SoTL work, in TLI or any other SoTL publication outlet. We hope you’ll find a review of these helpful:



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