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SoTL Research Methodology Series

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Over the next several weeks, six blog entries will be posted to discuss research methodologies common to SoTL research. These posts were inspired by a workshop given for Illinois State faculty and students in the fall of 2014. As we chatted with personnel from across campus about methodologies common in SoTL research, it became evident that faculty from different disciplines might vary as to the definition and preferences for implementation of the research methods identified for discussion in this SoTL Methods Series. We honor and celebrate those differences and offer the following caveat: the content of this blog series is meant to be a general introduction to research methods for faculty or students who might be interested in learning about common SoTL research methods. We would also offer that any of the research methods presented could be used in conjunction with one another to triangulate data and craft a mixed methods study.

As always, ISU faculty and students are encouraged to contact the office of the Cross Chair in SoTL at ISU ( with questions or to schedule a consultation to discuss or brainstorm SoTL research projects.


One thought on “SoTL Research Methodology Series

  1. Great idea! I look forward to this series. Can I make one request, speaking as a scholar who entered the SoTL world from the very empirical and quantitative discipline of engineering? I always found it helpful (and still do) when I am referred to example studies rather than just being given an otherwise rather abstract description of a methodology. And in fact, I didn’t really understand the difference between ‘methodology’ and ‘method’ initially either. Ah, the interdisciplinary world of SoTL is such an interesting and challenging place to try to communicate in!! 🙂


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