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A Sample of SoTL Publication Outlets, urls, and Mission Statements

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Many campuses or SoTL organizations offer lists of SoTL journals and newsletters as publication outlets for our SoTL projects. Our list, created and maintained by ISU Milner librarian, Sarah French, contains core or cross-disciplinary outlets as well as discipline-specific outlets ( As you will see there are many, many outlets of varying forms (online only, hard copy, both), quality, editorial and review processes, and foci. In this post, we share a brief description of a sample of core or cross-disciplinary SoTL outlets –listed alphabetically—that you might consider for making your SoTL work public. The five journals selected have long histories and/or are associated with major SoTL organizations or initiatives but represent just a sample of SoTL outlets. All are peer reviewed. All have a general, not topic specific, focus. On a side note, for blog readers who are Illinois State University faculty or staff, be aware of our spring-summer 2015 “Incentives for Making SoTL Work Public Program.”

  • The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL) “is a peer reviewed, trans-disciplinary, open-access electronic journal created and supported by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE). We accept submissions (in French or English) from academic professionals working to understand and enhance learning through systematic scholarly inquiry: articles relevant to the Canadian context, that shed new light on the teaching and learning interests of post-secondary education in Canada, including quantitative and/or qualitative research reports and essays examining issues in the scholarship of teaching and learning.” (
  • International Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning “is an open, double-blind peer reviewed electronic journal published twice per year by the Centers for Teaching & Technology at Georgia Southern University. The journal is an international forum for information and research about the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and its implications for higher/tertiary education. Anchored in inquiry and engagement, the scholarship of teaching and learning re-conceptualizes teaching as an ongoing and scholarly process with an emphasis on bringing about improved student learning (Huber & Morreale, 2002). SoTL is a key way to support the continuous transformation of academic communities and cultures.” (
  • The Journal of Excellence on College Teaching “is a peer-reviewed journal published at Miami University by and for faculty at universities and two- and four-year colleges to increase student learning through effective teaching, interest in and enthusiasm for the profession of teaching, and communication among faculty about their classroom experiences. It answers Ernest Boyer’s call for a forum to present the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Journal provides a scholarly, written forum for discussion by faculty about all areas affecting teaching and learning, and gives faculty the opportunity to share proven, innovative pedagogies and thoughtful, inspirational insights about teaching.” (
  • The Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL) “founded in 2001, the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL) is a forum for the dissemination of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in higher education for the community of teacher-scholars. Our peer reviewed Journal promotes SoTL investigations that are theory-based and supported by evidence. JoSoTL’s objective is to publish articles that promote effective practices in teaching and learning and add to the knowledge base. The themes of the Journal reflect the breadth of interest in the pedagogy forum.” The themes of articles include data-driven studies, literature reviews, case studies, invited comments, and invited essays. (
  • Teaching Learning Inquiry is the journal of the International Society of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL). The mission statement reads “Teaching & Learning Inquiry (TLI) publishes insightful research, theory, commentary, and other scholarly works that document or facilitate investigations of teaching and learning in higher education. TLI values quality and variety in its vision of the scholarship of teaching and learning. Its pages will showcase the breadth of the interdisciplinary field of SoTL in its explicit methodological pluralism, its call for traditional and new genres, and its international authorship from across career stages.” (

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