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SoTL Funding Opportunities for Illinois State Faculty & Staff

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ISU Faculty and staff members should be on the lookout for information (in campus mail, on isuteach, on, from you Chair/Director…) on several types of support/development for your scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research and funding opportunities related to your SoTL work over the next several weeks. Only ISU faculty and staff will be eligible for these funding opportunities. Questions can be emailed to These opportunities will include the following:

A Variety of SoTL Support/Development Opportunities

This spring, we plan to offer a workshop on SoTL and IRB and another on Applying SoTL Results. We will also likely have a SoTL Reading Group. We are happy to read and provide feedback on drafts of your SoTL products. We welcome submissions to our SoTL at ISU newsletter, guest submissions to this blog, and submissions to our 3rd issue of Gauisus next fall ( We are considering a summer institute on designing a SoTL project. We hope to have additional travel funds next fiscal year. Information related to these opportunities will be shared over the next several weeks.

The Walk the Talk Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Contest for the best example of application of SoTL knowledge beyond the individual classroom

The Cross Endowed Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning will be seeking applicants for the 2015 Walk the Talk contest. This contest is intended to recognize the best team or academic unit who applied own or others’ SoTL research beyond the individual classroom to solve a problem, achieve a goal, or exploit an opportunity resulting in improved teaching or enhanced student learning. The winning team or unit will receive $2,000 in operating funds. Applications will be due mid-March 2015.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Scholar-Mentors: Call for Applications for FY16

For the 2015-2016 academic year support for the SoTL on our campus will come from a part-time, Interim Cross Chair in SoTL and up to two Illinois State University SoTL Scholar-Mentors per semester. As a SoTL Scholar-Mentor, you will have reassigned time to the Office of the Cross Chair in SoTL to work on a SoTL project of your own and, primarily, to engage in tasks that support the SoTL work of colleagues at ISU and beyond. All tenured or tenure-track Illinois State University faculty members with experience in SoTL are eligible. Successful applicants will be granted reassignment of one course for fall 2015 and/or spring 2016 semesters. Home departments/schools will receive a 25 percent buyout of faculty salary per semester for any faculty member serving as a SoTL Scholar-Mentor. SoTL Scholar-Mentors will receive the course reassignment and $3,000 in operating funds. Applications will be due late March 2015.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Small Grant Program 2015-2016

The Cross Endowed Chair in tSoTL requests proposals for the SoTL Small Grant Program. The program provides SoTL small grants to study the developmental and learning outcomes of ISU students. At ISU, through our work with the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) Campus Program, we define SoTL as the “systematic study/reflection on teaching and learning [of our ISU students] made public.” This definition allows for research in any discipline and the use of various methodologies. The work may be quantitative or qualitative in nature and focus on class, course, program, department, cross-department, and co-curricular levels. For 2015-2016, projects must focus on a teaching-learning issue(s) explicitly related to one or more of the goals in the University’s strategic plan, Educating Illinois. Grants of up to $5,000 are available. We expect to award 4-5 grants. Proposals will be due mid-May 2015.

The Dr. John Chizmar & Dr. Anthony Ostrosky Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award Call for Applications- 2015-2016

This University-wide award is designed to recognize and encourage high quality and quantity of SoTL work at ISU and in the discipline beyond campus that contributes to the SoTL field, the SoTL body of knowledge, improved teaching, and enhanced student learning. All faculty members and academic staff at ISU are eligible. The recipient is recognized at Founders’ Day, receives $3,000 in funds, and is asked to give a talk about his/her SoTL work. Portfolios will be due September 30, 2015.


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