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What is Gausius?

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Gauisus is ISU’s internal publication which highlight’s SoTL research conducted by ISU faculty, staff, and students. First published as a print edition in 2009, Gauisus was reconceived as a multi-media publication in 2013 to include SoTL work taking place at ISU which is consistent with ISU’s definition of SoTL: the systematic study/reflection of the teaching and learning of ISU students. Earlier this spring, the second issue of Gauisus (first multi-media issue) was completed, with five projects published as part of this issue. Interested readers can access the Spring 2014 issue of Gauisus here.

The Cross Chair in SoTL is accepting submission for the third issue of Gauisus, scheduled to be published in the spring of 2015. The official request for submissions for the upcoming Gauisus can be found at Also, due to the fact that Gauisus submissions undergo a double-blinded peer review, the Cross Chair is seeking qualified reviewers at this time. Information for potential reviewers can also be found by visiting the request for submissions page at Feel free to email Kathleen McKinney ( or Jen Friberg ( with questions!


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