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Welcome to ISU’s SoTL Blog!

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Welcome to the SoTL Advocate, the blog established by the Cross Chair in SoTL at ISU to highlight the SoTL work of ISU faculty and to encourage discussion amongst the SoTL community at ISU and beyond. It is anticipated that this blog will publish various types of posts to encourage discussion and appeal to a variety of stakeholders interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education. Types of posts anticipated include (but aren’t limited to!):

  • SoTL News: announcements of grants, programs, awards, conferences, and other opportunities for faculty, staff, and/or students by the Cross Chair in SoTL
  • Reports of SoTL Research: invited posts from SoTL researchers describing their projects, methods, or other unique aspects of their SoTL work
  • SoTL to Inform Scholarly Teaching: practical outcomes and applications from SoTL projects to support the work of course instructors seeking an evidence-base for their course design/implementation
  • Resource Sharing: links to websites, articles, and/or various media for readers to support teaching and learning efforts

The intent of this blog is to provide information to, and foster discussion amongst, those interested in SoTL. To to this end, this blog’s focus will ideally reflect the interests of ISU faculty, staff, and students with regard to SoTL. Thus, we are interested in hearing from you regarding topics and/or discussions you’d be interested in seeing featured on the SoTL Advocate. We welcome ideas and feedback in the comments section below!


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